Don’t flush it! Save your stool to make flowers! Pretty, pretty flowers!

And you can also make chocolate!

And you can also make chocolate!

The world is coming to an end.  That isn’t some silly idea or a “possible” scenerio.  If we don’t change the way we do business on this planet, Mad Max will seem like a happy weekend at the beach and a certain book we know will be a happy bedtime story we can all tell our children.  So, one of the solutions to a better world is to change the way we, “Do business.”  And by doing business, I mean how we take a dump.  Stop flushing your shit down the toilet.  Save that crap so you can use it to grow pretty flowers in the spring.  Pretty flowers.  Pretty, pretty flowers.  From GreenUpgrader:

Through composting this nitrogen rich refuse can be turned from sewage into a great fertilizer.  The solution is a humanure dry toilet which can easily be made at home from a 5 gallon bucket, a milk crate and an old toilet seat.  Basically, after you do you business you cover it up with a layer of non-toxic sawdust.  Once the bucket is full you dump it into your (hopefully outdoor) humanure pile and compost at high temps for a year.  You end up with a great fertilizer so you can shout “from whence you came” as you fertilize your garden.

That’s right.  You save your shit.  You put that shit in your back yard and you make a compost heap.  And then you use that compost heap.  You use it to grow those flowers.  Those pretty flowers.  Those pretty, pretty flowers.