You want to get mad? Watch this moron with her stupid Birth Certificate.

This video was taken at a town-hall meeting in some freaky place that I never want to visit. The lady talking probably eats tiny mice before she goes to work. She wants her country back.  And she thinks that President Obama isn’t an American Citizen. Here is a little bit of information about me.  When I got a job at the college where I teach, I had to give them my college transcripts, a copy of my social security card, a signed doctor’s note that I had all my shots and I had to sign a form letting them look up everything about me.  I also had to give them three letters of recommendation and I had to sign five different forms.  I was only getting a job as part time teacher.  Imagine the paper work that a Senator has to go through, and then the President of the United States.  Let’s be real here.  Anyone who thinks that President Obama isn’t an American citizen is facing the hard, scary truth that a black American can have the skill, talent and motivation to be a positive force on this planet.  The day Obama was elected, the lady in the video probably pissed her pants in abstract terror, seeing the truth that we don’t need to have a President that wants to wage war with the world.  To be truthful, I don’t care if Obama is an American citizen or not.  And I’m actually a bit surprised that America can produce a human being as interesting and engaging as he is.


3 thoughts on “You want to get mad? Watch this moron with her stupid Birth Certificate.

  1. OH MY God, this women is scary. This is the kind of shit that is so hard for me to believe. The level of hatred and stupidity is beyond my understanding. I’m so glad that people like her are mad, mabye that means things are truly changing for the better. God Bless a NEW America.

  2. The crazy is just moving around. Remember the Civil Rights movement? The Red Scare? That was the rough stuff.

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