Netflixing: Battlestar Galactica Season 3 Disc 1. And stuff.

Man.  I wish I was a hot Cylon girl.  Wait, what?

Man. I wish I was a hot Cylon girl. Wait, what?

I don’t care if you like Battlestar Galactica or not.  Nobody asked you!  Season 2.5 ended with some good, good stuff.  The human population inhabited a planet that looked like New Jersey on a crappy day.  The Cylons, of course, popped up and took over the planet and humans.  The Battlestars Galactica and Pegasus both got the hell out of there, leavving New Caprica to be ruled by the Cylons.  I know!  Sounds like awesome times badass equals dope!  Well, season 3 didn’t start off with the fire I had hoped.  The first show was one big, annoying metaphor for the Iraq War, suicide bombs and all.  The second show sort of highlighted a fat Commander “Apollo” (Fat suits are really stupid).  There is still plenty of drama.  The Cylon “Sharon” that is in love with Helo is still all confused and stuff, helping the humans.  Admiral Adama is still the baddest leader this side of Captain Picard.  And everyone is having sex with everyone else.  There is something fundamentally missing, however.  I’m not sure if it is just that typical middle arc slump or maybe it is Edward James Olmos’ silly mustache.  There is a fake suspense, a looming idea of dread and fear that the show doesn’t deliver.  It just says, Hey, you should be afraid and worried!  Instead, we are just  a little bored.  It was Space and how these humans lived out in the middle of it that gave us the drama, not this weird occupation story-line that fails to deliver tension even though it should.  Eh.  It is still the best sci-fi show that wasn’t cancelled prematurely. And how hot is the Lucy Lawless Cylon?  Geez. Smoking hot.  And I still want a shirt that says, “I’m not a Cylon”.  Can anyone do that for me?  Please?  Anyone?  Hello?

3 thoughts on “Netflixing: Battlestar Galactica Season 3 Disc 1. And stuff.

  1. You’re about to be at the part when the show decides to turn into giant piece of crap. Good for you. Enjoy.

  2. I drank whatever juice it was that Battlestar Galactica (especially Season 3) gave to me. And since it’s apparent that the writers of that show have an abundance of total crap, that’s probably what they gave me. Crap juice.

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