A Good Representation of the Black Community

Yeah, that grin is sort of creepy. But still.

Yeah, that grin is sort of creepy. But still.

I like Roland Martin.  I always have.  He speaks for and about the black community in a way that, well, in a way that doesn’t make us look like idiots.  Turns out, other people think the same thing.  He’s getting his very on Sunday talk show.  No, it ain’t on CNN of MSNBC.  But, you know, baby steps and all that.  From The Huffington Post:

Martin, who is also a CNN commentator, will interview newsmakers and members of the Congressional Black Caucus. [TV One President] Jonathan Rodgers said it dawned on him when TV One covered last year’s Democratic convention and he saw many Black Caucus members trudge up to the network’s temporary rooftop studio for interviews: These politicians have few outlets to talk about their issues and people have few places to hear them. “I hope to get smart, intelligent, entertaining conversation,” Rodgers said, “but I put this under the public affairs arena. It doesn’t have to be a ratings success.

Just because we have a Black President doesn’t mean that race relations are all said and done.  But this is an excellent chance to prove that there is an entire generation of black men and women that are educated and motivated.  Unlike some people we might know.