Splinter Cell Conviction proves that good things do indeed come if you wait.

"Say you like my game! Say it!"

Yeah, there has been a ton of E3 news, and if you are reading this, then there really isn’t any reason for me to explain or list it.  Besides, I’m pretty sure I’ll have a podcast up by the end of the week, ranting until my throat closes up.  The coolest, most welcome, and most exciting revelation to come out of E3 is the gameplay footage of Splinter Cell Conviction.

Splinter Cell has always been my most favorite of game franchises because it made the player be patient, be thoughtful, and be perfect.  There was never a chance for the player to be stupid, or to run into a room with a shutgun yelling, “EAT IT!”  Splinter Cell has always been for smart gamers, and the new game play footage shows that.  Pick targets before you execute your movements?  Yes, give me that.  Let me choose different ways to take a room and play it over and over to see which one is best.  Game play notifications on walls, on buildings, in mirrors?  Flashbacks reflecting off the geometery?  Seeing messages scrolling over a brick wall?  Yes, Yes, Yes.  Give me all of that. Give me that level of innovation plus give me some classic Sam Fisher, being the badass that we all know, loved, and missed dearly.

There are plenty of places for the game to go wrong.  The dialogue isn’t the most interesting.  The bad guys seem like rejects from Matrix Reloaded.  And I’m not sure about all this Government/Conspiracy/Weird stuff.  Splinter Cell worked best during Chaos Theory, when the government backed him and used information from stopping a world war.  The story line tended to fall apart when it was all about Sam Fisher’s personal side.  All that said, yes, I will buy you, Splinter Cell Conviction.  I will buy you and I will play you.  Uh huh.  Yes, I will, you beatiful bastard.