E3: Celebrating unrelanting

A mainlined syringe full of what?  Thats right.  Awesome.

A mainlined syringe full of what? That's right. Awesome.

I can almost promise you that some of the people reading this either don’t know what E3 is, or have absolutely no idea why gamers care so much about E3.  I’ll explain by telling you what I’m doing right now.  I woke up this morning and worked on lesson plans just so I would have a small, tiny window, before my afternoon shift at the book store, to refresh my web-browser.  Games are going to be revealed today, ladies and gentlemen, games that I want, no, NEED to play.  Think of E3, the Electronic Entertainment Expo, as a sort of early Christmas for gamers.  Every year in LA, all the major videogame developers give us the line up of the games they are going to put out the rest of the year.  From July until  December, we have a list and an idea of these games, and we can sell our plasma accordingly.  Is this important?  Like Swine flu, abortion rights, gay marriage important?  Not in the slightest.  This is simply videogame addicts celebrating their addiction with other addicts across the world.  Imagine if there were “Heroin” Expos.  It is very similiar to that.  And I’m pretty sure none of us have any problem with that what so ever.