Saying Goodbye to Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

It was a good show.

And the worst part about it is that there is a whole population of people that will never, ever see it.  Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles has been canceled.  It is gone, and won’t be coming back.  Just like Firefly, a great television show has been taken off the air because not enough people watched it.  Good television doesn’t have the luxuries that movies and books have.  A book or a movie can find an audience years later.  A television show rarely is allowed to become fleshed out, to breath, before executives with dollar signs begin to touch and pull on it or just destroy it completely.   The sci-fi site i09 has done a wonderful job covering the lose of a brilliant television series.  Here is a piece from a rant by Charlie Jane Anders.

These were real, complicated, messed up people, making mistakes but also being brave and generous, in the face of the probably inevitable end of the world. You couldn’t help but root for them.

And here are some last words from producer Josh Friedman.

I prefer to watch characters try and fail and try again and sort of succeed a little and maybe fuck up again. That’s what I want to see. Flawed people trying to figure their shit out. Because that’s me. We’re not perfect parents or lovers or friends. We’re not heroes. But we can do heroic things once in a while, sometimes even on purpose. So TSCC is a sloppy mix of hope and despair and that suits some people just fine and others don’t have a taste for it. I’ve made peace with that…But my show got canceled. So what do I know.

Godspeed, TSCC.