Will “Inglorious Bastards” be any good?

I am not the biggest fan of Mr. Tarantino.  I actually was using the bathroom the other day and I thought, “You know, Pulp Fiction was a pretty bad movie.”  I know, you probably choked on your Latte when you read that.  But, think about it.  In the movie, you had an emotional reaction about things that give you emotional reactions.  Drug Overdoses, violence, anal rape.  All those things will cause you to react, and they are hard to forget.  Is that talented directing, or just talented awareness of what makes humans uncomfortable?  Is there a difference?  Does it matter?  Anyway, there is some positive, early buzz for Tarantino’s newest flick, Inglourous Bastards.

I saw it today and loved it. The movie contains the kind of spectacularly creative and entertaining dialogue Tarantino is known for. In fact, it begins with a very long dialogue scene which may make some viewers restless because of its length. But if you’re someone who savors Tarantino’s writing, it’s great. The film is less violent than many of Tarantino’s efforts, or maybe it’s that the violence doesn’t seem as gratuitous in the context of a war movie.

I think about what makesa good narrative.  I think that it is the learning of human nature, and not in an obvious way.  Tarantino has always given us lots of “Stuff”, swords, motocycles, guns and the like.  Will this be different?  Can Tarantino grow up?  We’ll see.


4 thoughts on “Will “Inglorious Bastards” be any good?

  1. *Throat Punch in the throat! for saying Pulp Fiction was a pretty bad movie. Your opinion on this movie is hereby Null.

  2. Oh, come on! I’ll take the Pepsi challenge with that movie anyday. Mauricio. Seriously. Come on. The movie just doesn’t hold up over time.

    • It does though, it was not about the reaction to f’ed up s*** it was about the dialogue. It was great, it still is great, now if you want to talk about Jakie Brown not being so great then we can talk about that but seriously man see it again.

  3. that’s your opinion about PULP FICTION.. i am sure there are thousands who would disagree. i am one of those thousands.. speaking of movies that don’t hold up over time.
    how about the OSCAR winning turd SLUMDOG MILLIONIARE? i liked that movie but i could not tell you one word of dialogue or more than one memorable scene from the movie today.. the movie just didn’t stay with me.. but ask me about PULP FICTION and i can practically tell you the whole movie scene by scene. as well i bet you could too. 🙂 . The real test to see whether it holds up over time is to show it today to a normal teenager who is a PULP FICTION virgin and see if they like it or not?

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