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Not enough of it in the day...

Not enough of it in the day...

I don’t have the time to write like I use to.  After graduate school, working becomes the priority.  And when you aren’t working, you are resting up because you know you will have to work again very soon.  Plus, there are girlfriends and friends and Battlestar Galactica and Half Life 2 and cleaning and eating and the commute.  It surprises me that anyone gets to write anything anymore.  Good writers either completely sacrifice whole chucks of time or have no outside distractions or obligations.  And the rest of us do the best we can.  Recently, thanks to my friend Jeremy Griffin, I’ve started doing guest stops on Name Your Tale.  The concept is brilliant and simple.  People submit titles and then writers use the title to come up with 100 word flash-fiction pieces.  It is fun because it is so simple, and because the hard part is over.  The thesis has to be the title.  The whole point of the write-up is to incorporate the title into a piece.  The fun is trying to give the readers something they aren’t expecting.  There are tons of pieces on the site.  Check them out.  Meanwhile, here is a simple of one of my pieces that has already been submitted.

They live out their lives sideways (and in tights).

It was an afternoon where they were both home, and it was warm outside.

“I think it would be amazing,” she said, holding one of his comics. He taught her how to hold a comic years ago.

“Flying around and saving lives looks fun,” he said with her legs on his lap, the window open. “But it’s a shit job.”

“They pose!” she said, holding up the proof. “And they have these cool outfits!”

He became afraid that the moment wouldn’t last. Then he realized it wouldn’t. But he tried to hide his disappointment as the warm breeze rolled in.

Submit your own title idea and check out the results.  This form of writing is perfect for writers and readers with small chucks of time but huge boulders of love for writing.


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