Save The Sarah Connor Chronicles

You guys know how much I enjoy Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.  I don’t have to get much into it.  But there are some pretty awesome pleas from some pretty awesome sites trying to stop the Sarah Connor Chronicles from being cancelled.  Fox has no idea where the show should be, and its Friday night slot causes some rating slumps.  Top that with an almost impossible story line to catch up on, and the Chronicles has an up-hill battle.  But is it a battle it can win?  Josh Levs from CNN wants it to.

When Fox picked up this “Terminator,” it took on one of the most successful sci-fi franchises in modern entertainment history. It courted “Terminator” fans, as well as people like me who never gave much thought to the movies but appreciate deep, high-quality TV storytelling. Ending on this “what happens now” cliffhanger would leave a gaping hole in the franchise’s history. But of bigger concern, of course, is that “The Sarah Connor Chronicles” is just really good TV — the kind that you want to believe can last. And that’s thanks to Josh Friedman, the inspired executive producer.

Also, Wired’s Kevin Poulsen gave it some love.

There’s no one so zealous as a convert, and this writer was deeply skeptical of Sarah Connor Chronicles in its early weeks, even going off-topic on Threat Level to poke fun at the fledgling franchise early in 2008. Today, I’m haunted by my callous words. After a shaky start, which might have contributed to the show’s poor ratings, Chronicles has emerged as a deeply felt and artfully imagined drama with so many unexpected gifts that it’s often hard to believe you’re watching broadcast television.

Want the show to continue?  There are two things you can do. You can join the Flickr campaign to keep the game going.  Or, you can watch the old episodes on Hulu.  You didn’t know that watching Hulu affects ratings?  It does.  Hopefully, we’ll get some nice gun-fighting and robot smashing clear and bright into the fall.


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