Do we want “The Road” to be a movie?

If you’ve never read the book before, then I’m not sure how the movie translation is going to work with you. The Road, as a novel, is brilliant.  It achieves exactly what a novel should in the exact way a novel needs to do.  But, as a movie, I’m not sure that people will appreciate the incredible writing techniques.  To put it simply, the novel is amazingly depressing and sad.  The movie will have to follow suit.  And the novel never said how the world becomes an ash-covered waste land.  The novel never answers those questions, and you seldom saw Cannibals and they weren’t protrayed as evil monsters.  The Road is a novel that should never, ever be made into a movie because the movie is not going to be able to do it justice.  We’ll see.  The release date is October 16 and, I guess, it is being billed as a horror flick.  Read the book. Is it hard for people to read books?  Really?


2 thoughts on “Do we want “The Road” to be a movie?

  1. Wow, that will be the hardest movie to watch ever! I think I just sat and stared off into space digesting that novel for hours after I finished it. So dark and disturbing!

  2. Yeah, it is rough stuff. I’m not sure why anyone would want to make this into a movie. It would be like pooping and taking pictures of it. But I think some people like that.

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