Spock and Uhura will Make out in the new Star Trek. Did I ruin the movie for you? Aw….

Sigh. Its always the hot ones who love the Vulcans.

One of the sites I follow on the regular is io9.  I love this place because they do not care about spoiling a movie.  At all.  And if you thought that Kirk and Uhura were going to be an item, I’m sorry to break it to you, but its gonna be Spock and Uhuha.  I know!  I guess dudes with green blood and pointed ears and absolutely no emotions drive women nuts.  It would explain a few things.  i09 spoke to one of the writers about the whole thing.

Knowing that it was a really controversial decision, the most important thing for us was, to not be cute or try to be clever about how we were going to reveal it, but to actually provide genuine emotional context. And I think whether or not you agree with our choice, what you can’t argue with is: You just watched this man, who you really care about, show that he’s struggling with his identity, lose his mother, and watch his planet blow up. And because he’s a Vulcan, he has to be stoic about it. When you as an audience want somebody to give the man a hug, you want some connection for him. So when Uhura does that, you’re simultaneously taken aback, but also a bit relieved that he has somewhere to take that. So we felt like that would be the best access point to reveal that to the audience. We built it up in those earlier scenes, [so] you get that sense. There are little seeds planted along the way.

Women do like men who don’t do what they say, have few emotional responses, and are completely uncomfortable in their own skin.  It actually makes sense.  Just another reason why I can’t wait for this movie.


One thought on “Spock and Uhura will Make out in the new Star Trek. Did I ruin the movie for you? Aw….

  1. I can’t wait either. I’ve been writing about it all day in my blog (mljblog.wordpress.com). I can’t wait to see it tomorrow and take in all the Spock/Uhura goodness! Excitement!
    On a serious note, I really admire where the writers, director and actors were coming from when asked about Spock/Uhura. They made some really good points and hopefully, trekkie anger will be averted by what Leonard Nimoy said about being jealous that he couldn’t do any of those Spock/Uhura scenes.

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