Netflixing: Quantum of Solace

Like this movie or Ill shot you in the face.  For real, real.

"Like this movie or I'll shot you in the face. For real, real."

The Daniel Craig-James Bond has been a controversial figure for us film-lovers.  He is pretty in a very rugged and nasty way.  His hair is blond, not black.  He charms the ladies, but only to get what he wants.  He doesn’t know love.  Well, he did, until somebody murdered his lover back in Casino Royale.  Now, in the sequel to that gem, Quantum of Solace sends Craig-Bond on a convoluted chase to find his ex-lover’s killer.  Is the movie good?  Uh. That’s debatable.  It sort-of is good.  I mean, the movie starts with an amazing car chase, complete with guns and shooting and people getting knocked off cliffs.  But then there are these strange ups and downs.  One second, people are talking and saying intellegent phrases about spy-stuff.  The next?  Craig-Bond is in Haiti, stabbing people in their leg-arteries.  But it’s classic Bond, right down to the tux and the shaken drinks. But, was it good?What did this movie want to do?  Does it want to be pretty and smart?  Or does it want to kick people in the neck?  And why did the Bourne movies do both effortlessly?  The cinemantograpy in Quantum of Solace was excellent, with great secondary locations and secondary scenes.  The film was constantly doing two things at once.  Gun fight and horse race.  Car chase and traffic.  Driving to a hotel and a cabby talking about global warming.  Oh, I forgot.  This movie is a big PSA about the environment.  The bad guy is part of a group of people that organize government overthrows so poor countries have to pay more for utilities.  Think of it as the IMF but, uh, bad.  Well, worse.  Actually, it is excactly like the IMF, with no changes.

But, is it good?  Did I enjoy it?  Yes, yes I did.  I had a great time watching this film.  The Craig-Bond is unique and brilliant, and very sharp and intriguing.  Is it as good as any of the Bourne movies? Of course not. Let’s be real here.  But it does a good job trying to be.  And that’s like a cheeseburger trying to be a hot slice of pizza.  You ain’t a pizza, cheeseburger.  You’re a cheeseburger.  And I’m fine with you being a cheeseburger, James Bond.