New Show From Fox lets Co-workers vote on Laying off each other. Seriously.

A tv show about lay-offs?  Man, that is horrible.  And I blew up a planet.

"A tv show about lay-offs? Man, that is horrible. And I blew up a planet."

I don’t pick on Fox because I hate them, and I do hate them.  No.  I pick on Fox because they might be the most evil, the darkest, the worst set of principles and ideals since Emperor Palpatine.  Here is their latest gem: Have a reality television show where the show is based at a job, and the co-workers get to pick who gets Layed-off.  No!  I’m not making this up! Just ask Lisa de Moraes of de Moraes on TV.

To populate its new “Lord of the Flies”-esque series, “Someone’s Gotta Go,” Fox will troll for actual companies — smaller, Dunder Mifflin-esque-sized (20-30 employees) ones — having financial difficulties. In each case, the company’s boss or owner will call all the employees together and tell them someone’s going to get laid off. But rather than the boss/owner making the decision, he or she will instead give the employees all the available information about one another — salaries, job evaluations, etc. — and let the employees decide who will get pink-slipped.

So, first Fox makes a web-site that mourns a guy who isn’t dead, and then they make a show about people getting layed off when real people play this game every day.  I mean, why would you have to watch this show?  I bet half of the country sees it on the regular.  How about the Mighty Grass-Growing show, Fox?  Does that sound amazing to you?  Man, I can not wait for the astriod to hit and destroy everything.  When is that happening?  Oh, wait…