The Jarvis Slacks Podcast: Nate Records from Space Edition

Hey, Jay?  Hows my audio?  It might be a little wierd cause, you know, Im in space.

"Hey, Jay? How's my audio? It might be a little wierd cause, you know, I'm in space."

This week, we hear a slight, very slight hum from Nate’s audio.  The reason?  the BestGamePadEver site is in space!  Its a space station!  Pretty amazing, huh?  He eats that space-ice cream, he runs experiments, he even is weightless, and plays Xbox while he floats.  Pretty awesome.  This week, we talk about about Nate’s timetrip to 2007 and his Call of Duty 4 impressions.  We talk about Co-op gaming techniques (Left, K!  The tenticle is Left!), and we have a deep and almost meaningless discussion about the maturing of Twitter.  You know what Twitter is right?  Well, I think it jumped the shark.  Nate doesn’t agree, but he’s a much better man than I am.  Listen.  Learn.  And, yep, you got it.  Enjoy.

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