New Wolverine movie gets leaked! Tens of Thousands of people are amazingly cheap and impatient.

Im so angry!  My neck my exploded! Thats how angry!

"I'm so angry! My neck may explode! That's how angry!"

I heard some noise on Twitter about people downloading some odd, mysterious copy of X-men Origins: Wolverine.  But could it be true?  How could that movie be leaked so early?  Well, it looks like Twentieth Century Fox is coming clean, admitting that it is all up in the tubes.

The digital file quickly spread across the Internet and was available for free, but illegal, downloading from hundreds of easily found Web sites. “The source of the initial leak and any subsequent postings will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law; the courts have handed down significant criminal sentences for such acts in the past,” the studio’s statement said.  Removing the pirated files from the Internet may prove an impossible challenge, an industry source said. This source did not want to be named because of the sensitive nature of the matter. Although the studio said it was removed from the Web site that first hosted it, the digital file has probably been downloaded tens of thousands of times, the source said. “It’s not removed from the Internet,” the industry source said. “It’s still there.”

Tens of Thousands of you!  Tens of Thousands of you have stolen the greatest movie in the history of the Earth.  Have you no shame?  Do you think that these movies grow on trees?  Because they do.  They grow on happy little trees that cost around one hundred million dollars.  But, you know, if you really can’t handle living another day without the most wonderful flick ever, here is a link to the bit torrent.  Just click and here and enjoy!


6 thoughts on “New Wolverine movie gets leaked! Tens of Thousands of people are amazingly cheap and impatient.

  1. LOL…nice link to a rick roll, but too bad you have snapshots installed so it showed me what i was going to click…and i didn’t. So rickroll fail. lol

    But yea, I’ll download this now, and go watch it in theatres when it comes out.

  2. I feel like the decision to replace Hugh Jackman with Rick Astley was a daring move on the director’s part, shattering over forty years of treasured continuity.

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