All Hail Lebron James.

I don’t really care about basketball.  I don’t watch many games, mainly because I’m either working or playing a video-game or something.  But, I mean, did you see this shot by Lebron James!

Real recognize Real.


The Latest Sarah Connor Chronicles? Probably the Best Episode Ever.

I can kill you with my brain...oh, and with these guns too.

"I can kill you with my brain...oh, and with these guns too."

You guys know I’m a huge fan of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.  But, you might ask yourself, why?  How can this show be good?  Well, the latest episode is a solid reason.  I’m going to have to explain a few things, but hopefully you’ll understand why I’m excited.  Hang on.  This is going to take a minute.

So, last season, Sarah and the crew went after a computer programmer that made a really awesome AI.  Sarah destroyed it and then Derek Reese, John Connor’s uncle from the future, put a bullet in his head.  A Liquid-metal Terminator from the future stole the re-newed AI and built it up and named it John Henry.  Well, this season, it looks like there is another, yep, ANOTHER, AI that wants to kill John Henry!  Are you geeking out yet?  There might be TWO computers that want to be SKYNET! Yes, that is your brain melting and dripping out your ears.

That’s why I love the Sarah Connor Chronicles.  Peep Hulu and watch the latest episode.  Then go buy last season.  Then hit me up on Twitter and talk about it.  Podcast about it?  Yes.  Yes.  This needs to get done.