Facebook sends Pope thousands of condoms to stop the spread of AIDS. Wait, what?

Wow.  Really?  Hes wearing all that?

Wow. Really? He's wearing all that?

So the Pope says that condoms makes HIV spread worse.  And who are you going to call when the Pope says anything stupid?  FACEBOOK!

Thousands have pledged to send the pontiff millions of condoms to protest the controversial comment he made to journalists as he flew to Cameroon last week. “You can’t resolve it with the distribution of condoms,” the pope told reporters. “On the contrary, it increases the problem.” Pope Benedict XVI has made it clear he intends to uphold the traditional Catholic teaching on artificial contraception. The Vatican has long opposed the use of condoms and other forms of birth control and encourages sexual abstinence to fight the spread of the disease. About a dozen Facebook groups have sprang up, mostly from European countries, criticizing the pontiff. “The clergy aren’t supposed to have sex at all, but they are free to tell people how to conduct themselves? That’s like a girl who wears no make-up as the CEO of CoverGirl,” one member posted on the page, “Condoms for Pope Benedict XVI.”

That’s actually an amazing metaphor.  He’s another one.  Facebook trying to do anything productive by sending condoms to a major religious figure is like me posting blogs and trying to become famous.  Oh, wait…


7 thoughts on “Facebook sends Pope thousands of condoms to stop the spread of AIDS. Wait, what?

  1. What is up with religion? They spread bold faced lies, and really bad information. Are they flamboyantly pushing for a political ideal to show the world that they’re proud of their beliefs?

    They’re talking to themselves!

  2. Before you go along with the ignorant crowd and mail the condom I challenge you to read “Theology of the Body” by Chris West…then if you still have the nerve…mail the condom…or perhaps you would prefer to mail him a thank you note.

  3. That man is an egotistical snake in the grass. Look at his face! Would you trust some one like that? I suppose the prophesies of Fatima are true. Clergy and no sex. Look again they all do little altar boys.

  4. The Catholic Church has condemed any for of birth control for as long as the idea has existed and yet Catholics in general were starting to soften to the idea that in some cases it MIGHT be a good idea to use condoms. Now we have the new hardline Pope who thinks it better for his congregation to die from AIDS being a “good” Catholic than to protect themselves.
    I say flood the Vatican with millions upon millions of condoms, truck loads until that little place is filled to the brim of St. Peters square.
    • Joe being one of “the ignorant crowd” I challenge you to be informed about this new concept that humans have discovered called science, Catholics have forgotten that it was there own monks who helped progress Biology and our understanding of this world more than any one group except maybe progressive Muslims.
    Or maybe you should visit Mexico City on of the crown jewels of the Catholics efforts and see how they are turning a little Latin American city into an overpopulated slum. Do you want me to on because I can……
    • PJF agree, ever notice how much he looks like the Emperor Palpatine from the Star Wars saga….Evil incarnate works in both reality and fiction.

  5. Enough is enough.

    Women and children are dying and we’re supposed to listen to a guy in a fancy costume who fly’s around in a private plane proclaiming himself a man of God.

    People of faith unite: not another cent goes into Catholic collection coffers until Pope Benedict retracts his statement and alters the church’s stance on birth control.

    To Pope Benedict:

    You have abandoned your people. Money and power are what you truly care for. Now we who serve God will take it back from you and give it to the truly needy. Shame on you and may God have mercy on your soul.

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