Seven Years Later and We’re Still in Iraq

Ok, make a wish!

Ok, make a wish!

Happy Birthday, Iraq War! You’ve gotten so big! Last time I saw you, we had road side bombs and Civil War! Now, look at you.  Almost ok but not really.  How old are you?  Seven?  Really?  Wow, they grow up so fast.  Hey, the Huffington Post sent you a birthday card!

Sunni and Shiite lawmakers on Thursday warned that political and economic challenges could derail Iraq’s progress toward stability as the country enters its seventh year of war. After six years of conflict and tens of thousands of deaths, violence has declined sharply nationwide, although attacks continue and the insurgency remains potent in northern Iraq. Both the Sunni and Shiite communities also face internal power struggles that are likely to intensify ahead of national elections expected later this year.

One minute, they are bombing cities, the next they are reducing troop levels.  These are the times of our lives.