Netflixing: FireFly

You cant take the sky from me

"You can't take the sky from me"

Good Science Fiction is a lot like good Cheese Cake:  it is extremely difficult to make, and when it is done right, it is like butter in your mouth.  Bad Science Fiction will always make you barf and turn your head in disgust. Firefly, recommended to me by the one and only “Humi”, is probably the best Sci-fi television show ever created.  And, just like the evil bastards they are, Fox cancelled it without even trying to find it a proper home or a decent time slot.  And the world is less because of it.

Firefly is about a ship called “Serenity” and its crew.  They aren’t thieves or guns-for-hire.  Well, they sort of are.  They are opportunistic adventurers trying to stay untethered to the Alliance, the universal government.  The crew gets some trouble when they take on two mysterious strangers, one a doctor and his sister, a mental nut case.  Add into that some guns, a few man-eating crazies and some amazing dialogue and you’ve got the best in Sci-fi good news.

The show tried to tie everything up nice and neat with the movie, Serenity, but I don’t think it really did the show justice.  There is so much love involved with Firefly, so much intensity.  It is nothing short of a wonderful run through goodness-land, and I wish I didn’t watch all the episodes as quickly as I did.