News Rodeo for Yet Another Friday the Thirteenth.

Cats: Theyd eat our faces if they didnt count on us for food.

Cats: They'd eat our faces if they didn't count on us for food.

Sorry for the shallow offering of posts on the site lately.  I’ve gone on the very interesting and result-making “Twojob” diet, where I’m hardly ever home.  If you could look behind me, you’d see a nice pile of laundry that I have absolutely no intention of folding today.  How professional bloggers get any damn thing done is a billion miles beyond me.  Anyway, let’s start the Rodeo.  First up, a couple bought a cheap couch, and got a little extra surprise.  A sound tipped them off to something strange:

“Every time we looked we wouldn’t hear the meow, we’d stop looking and continue doing what we’re doing, we’d hear the meow,” Vickie said. “Was sitting here and all of a sudden I got kicked and I looked down and there were no other animals around,” Chris said. So Chris and Vickie picked up and flipped their couch and that’s when they found the source of the meowing. “I grabbed the knife, cut the corner out, enough so that I could see what’s going on and sure enough there were eyeballs staring at me,” Chris said. Yes, it was a cat trapped inside Chris and Vickie’s couch for at least 10 days.

No, these people arent waiting in line for Terminator: Salvation tickets.

No, these people aren't waiting in line for Terminator: Salvation tickets.

Yep.  The economy is so bad, businesses are stuffing animals into furniture to attract customers.  Actually, its not that bad.  Or is it?  Can anyone even tell what a good or bad economy even looks like anymore?  Well, the Huffington Post has decided to use newly emerging tent-cities as a barometer.  Sorry, I’m completely serious on this one.

There are reports of tent cities popping up across the country as unemployment rises in a worsening economy. The biggest and highest-profile shantytown is in Sacramento, where hundreds of newly-homeless tent residents are cooking soup in old coffee cans. We want to know where else this is happening.

I’m not sure what’s worse: That the Huffington Post might be using these tent-cities as a draw to their site, or that, if I lost my job(s), I’d be about two paychecks away from having to live in one.  How much do tents cost, anyhow?  Finally, yes, I have been playing Halo Wars. And, yes, its pretty awesome.  I’ll write a review as soon as I beat the game.  But, please understand that there is only one thing that my heart clings to: a human beating the tar out of an Elite.  Have a great weekend, guys.  Be safe.


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  1. here’s a piece of news for you: next year the Sears tower will be renamed the Willis tower b/c some british insurance firm is moving in. our economy is down, our own giant insurance firm is propped up on a one-legged stool, and what now? an icon of american architecture (or at least being the tallest skyscraper in the country) is being renamed because some limeys are moving in? it was bad enough when cnn switched their interface, or even more ancient, when the PreVue channel became the TV Guide channel! what’s worse, i heard robert gibbs (press sec.) use the phrase, “when the world’s economy starts working again…” how is that even optimistic?!

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