BioShock 2 Info revealed, Sadly.

I’m a pretty huge Bioshock fan.  The first game was a narratively brilliant experiment in the Video-gaming excercise.  It was also beautiful, with an enivronment that was a complete character onto itself.  Rapture made Bioshock.  Without the music, the broken water mains, the creepy busted subway cars, there wouldn’t be the sense of unease.  I can’t go back to Bioshock very long because the place just whigs me out.  The concept of Bioshock is based off of this and the idea of pre-determined fate vs. genetic inheretence.  The first Bioshock was a great and amazing game.  That’s why I don’t want to see a Bioshock 2.  GameInformer has revealed to us exactly what we can expect, and it looks like more of the same, just different.  A Big Sister?  With a Little Sister in a cage on her back?  This is not what I want.  There shouldn’t be a sequel to Bioshock, especially if this sequel will rely on concepts from the first game.  A Big Sister isn’t innovation.  Its adaptation and imitation, which goes against the original creativity of the first game.  Yes, there have been sequels to games that we love.  But not every game needs a second installment. Will I buy it?  As long as I’m not broke.  But I hope that the new Bioshock team has some ideas that will a bit more interesting than simply a sex-change. Peep the article here.