Asteroid almost hit us. I guess I have to pay my student loans back.

Sigh.  Maybe one day...

Sigh. Maybe one day...

If you are like me, you have so much crushing debt that you can’t wait, can’t wait!, for the world to get hit by an asteroid.  I mean, come on!  One little tiny rock could put us back to the “Excaliber” days or push us forward to the awesome “Mad Max” days.  And just when you think my prays are answered, the hopeful space jewel of my dreams misses us by a few thousand miles.  Darn.

Asteroid 2009 DD45 on Monday passed within 38,000 miles of Earth, less than twice the height of the geostationary satellites we depend on for communications, according to Robert McNaught of the Australian National University. McNaught, who watches for asteroids with his telescope 250 miles northwest of Sydney, Australia, discovered the approaching rock last week. “It’s not something to worry about, but something to be aware of,” he said.

First, you don’t tell me what to worry about, ass.  Second, there goes my dream of a post-apocalyptic wonderland.  Why are the end of the world stuff so cool?  Except the Road.  That’s not cool.  That’s scary.


2 thoughts on “Asteroid almost hit us. I guess I have to pay my student loans back.

  1. Ha, if you thought the Blood Cults from The Road were scary, wait till you see the raiders from Fallout 3.

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