Microsoft gives us the vision of 2019. Sadly, no zombies.

Microsoft launched a cool set of videos that show us how we are going to live in 10 years.  Where a lot of people are thinking that we’ll be eating out of each other’s trashcans and fighting rats for stray strips of meat (Dow below 7000? Ugh), Microsoft thinks, KNOWS, that we’ll have these awesome hand-pads that will glean information like Minority Report. We’ll learn second languages thanks to the power of a cool wall.  Do I want all this technology?  Well, yeah.  But let’s be real, here.  What has changed in ten years?  Broadband and the magic of Hulu.  Sorry if I’m sounding depressing lately.  This winter will not end, will it.  Peep the full five-minute tech-explosion after the break.  Continue reading