Is the Sarah Connor Chronicles getting too Emo?

Maybe just a little emo...

Maybe just a little emo...

I’m a big Sarah Connor Chronicles fan.  Its sort of annoying how much I love serialized television, considering how little I get to sit in front of the television.  The new episodes for the second half of the second season have been, well, a little disappointing.  I like the cyborg-on-cyborg action and all the weird time travel mayhem.  But the show has only been delivering introspective, emotionally dipped diatribes that confuse a little and bored in some spots.  Can the show survive this self-reflective trend? Producer Josh Friedman discussed the move with io9.  Here is part of the interview with a link to the full thing here:

Is it difficult starting up with dark, psychological episodes after being gone for two months? Seems that’s the case. People are worked up about the Friday night thing and the ratings and I probably underestimated that microscope in my desire to explore Sarah and her demons. To be completely honest, the network warned me not to do it but I felt (and still feel) these stories (and I consider the upcoming Some Must Sleep… as the third part of the Sarah triptych) were/are vital parts of the show. But that’s coming from the guy who believes that if you enjoy watching Weaver slaughter thirty people in one episode you’re obligated to go to their funeral in the next.

I buy that.  The show is trying to be a little bit too much Lost for me.  That level of mystery takes a few seasons to build up to.  Still, Terminator: SCC has a dynamic that few shows can compare to.


3 thoughts on “Is the Sarah Connor Chronicles getting too Emo?

  1. Kinda…yea… But I still like it…there needs to be more shooting and less yappin’ about. Oh, and as for the whole Friday night thing…I never used to watch the shows live anyways…I HATE commercials and I prefer watching it off my 360 or on my laptop.

  2. Yeah, I find watching T:TCC on Hulu is a little more relaxing, especially on those early Saturday mornings.

  3. i haven’t heard much about this. Is it any good? I’ve only started becoming interested because i heard that Summer Glau is in it (Firefly fan).

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