Cafferty Depresses the already Depressed.

Oh, the good ol days.  Whenever those were.

Oh, the good ol' days. Whenever those were.

Want to get really depressed?  Read the Jack Cafferty blog.  It seems like the economic mess we are in is way more horrible than we thought, or worse than he thought.

I think this time, it’s different. I have this uneasy feeling our country is in the process of changing forever, and not necessarily for the better — unless our perspective changes with it. I have kicked around longer than most people: I’m 66 years old. I remember well the ’50s and early ’60s, which were times of unbridled enthusiasm, prosperity and opportunity. The American dream was a job, a house, a car. A modest, affordable house and a car that was most likely a Chevrolet, Ford or Plymouth. People weren’t in debt buying things they couldn’t afford, and neither was the government. There were recessions along the way — relatively mild downturns of short duration — but nothing like this feels like it’s going to be.

Damn.  And here I was about to go buy Halo Wars.  I better put it back on the shelf and stock up on Chicken doodle soup, since the world is gonna burn down and stuff soon.