The Top Five Pieces of Crap I always carry Around…

As part of the Top Five for Five days (why do I do this silly crap?  I mean, I have a stack of papers to grade RIGHT THERE) here are the top five pieces of crap that I carry around every day and if I didn’t I’d have to go back and get it.  Cause I’m weird.

Samsung BlackJack: I recently put the data package on this little monster, which means that it rules everything about it.  Sure, I could have gone the iPhone way (we’ll get to that), but I like the buttons.  I like the way they click.  The screen is bright, the software works.  It is almost complete function, with nothing on it that isn’t needed.  The navigation wheel isn’t anything like the Blackberry’s, and the software could be a little sexier, but it works fast and it works well.  And I hate it because now the little monster won’t leave me alone.  No!  I can’t check Facebook!  I’m at work!

iPod Touch:  Here we go.  Why would he buy an iPod touch and not an iPhone?  One, I have a phone.  Two, the iPhone is super cool with amazing interface abilities.  But I like my phones to be function and little style, that I can use and drop and even lose without freaking out too much.  iPhones are great, and I thank Steve Jobs for making them with his penis.  But the iPod Touch has done everything I’ve ever needed.  The Touch can process games faster than the iPhone (look it up), and it is the only thing I could ever imagine playing my music on.  The only thing I hate about it is how much I like it.

My Macbook Black book:  I work on it.  I write on it.  I think on it.  I try to figure things out on it. I pay bills on it.  I surf on it.  I watch movies on it.  I watch television on it.  I skype on it.  I IM on it.  I v-chat on it.  I podcast on it.  Seriously.  Its like having a best friend without having to actually letting it borrow money.

My ugly-ass wallet:  I found it in a dumpster over ten years ago.  It is all black leather, with zippers falling off and places where the leather is worn paper thin.  I will never have another wallet.  Its the only thing that reminds me of my uber-weird childhoodish.

My Man-bag:  Hey! Shut up!  I like this bag!  And its been with me way longer than you guys have.  But I still love you!  Hey, don’t walk away mad.  As always, discuss.


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  1. Um, if he made the iPhone with his penis, I think I will officially scratch it off my wishlist. He doesn’t look like his penis is very exciting.

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