The Jarvis Slacks Podcast Number 16: Drowning Kittens Edition

I mean, for serious.  I would never do it.  Ever.  Well, maybe....

I mean, for serious. I would never do it. Ever. Well, maybe....

How to make the worst Podcast in history.  Please follow the recipe exactly as followed.

1 Jarvis Slacks.  Make sure he is extremely tired and hungry.

1 Kenneth Price.  Make sure Kenneth is sleep deprived and relatively out of sorts.

2 Questions.  Make sure the questions make absolutely no sense.

1 quick editing session.

1 Halo Wars Discussion

10 Kittens. 1 Bathtub. 1 million dollars.

Add all these together into a mixing bowl and mix it until it is clumpy and completley retarded.  Serve on top of lattice and enjoy with Ritz crackers.

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3 thoughts on “The Jarvis Slacks Podcast Number 16: Drowning Kittens Edition

  1. yo Jarvis, whats the name of the Intro song. I’ve heard it before…i should know who it is…but i can fucking remember! Its killing me.

    how can i get on the Obama running team?

  2. it’s like i can die now hearing my name on your podcast.

    that commercial is so ironically hysterical. people should meet “accidentally and weirdly.” but even more, people should meet drunk and in a smoky dungeon.

    i know what i’m doing this weekend!

    but seriously, i made an okcupid account, 1) ’cause it’s free and 2) i have a desk job that affords me enough time to see the entire internet. what’s another social network going to hurt me? especially if i can take stupid tests and answer dumb questions to kill the time.

    but what i think i discovered, is that, and i can’t of course be 100% sure here, is that there seem to be a lot of “normal” people on there. like, “regular” people whose profiles don’t read like a personal ad. but the important part is these people are my age!

    like you said, “some people swear by it,” and i’m convinced that it’s one of those things that’s going to continue to “revolutionize” things (in this case dating i guess,) with the power of the internet. and i’m sort of curious to see how this affects this generation in particular.

    wow, what a ramble.

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