New Faces in the Video-Game-Enthusiast World

Just like the old Joystiq, but, you know, a lot stickier...

Just like the old Joystiq, but, you know, a lot stickier...

There are a ton of changes going on in the enthusiast video game press.  Some new podcasts, some new sites, some rumored new projects, and completely re-done sites. First, when 1-up was bought by UGO, they let a whole slew of their crew go.   Did they sit at home and cry?  Well, yeah, I’m sure they did.  But they also got their stuff together and decided to go out on their on.  Rebel FM, lead by the 1up FM crew and the Eat-Sleep-Game guys, is pretty much like a rebooted 1up Yours for a new decade.  The debates on the show are strong, and everyone’s opinions are pretty evident. The show is a little on the long side, but there are a billion people on it, so you can’t complain too much. Next up is the Area 5 guys, producing a video-videogame podcast tv-show thingy.  If you liked the 1up Show, you’ll like this just fine.  Add to all this the uber-secret Dan Shoe project, and it looks like we’ll have some interesting game news from the former 1up dudes.  The biggest and most interesting change is the new Joystiq.  Before, the Joystiq had four different sites, each focusing on different console brands.  Now there is just the Ultra-stiq, with one site with four different tabs.  This is wonderful for a few reasons.  Now, people see all the great talent from all the other sites.  Joystiq is also updated almost twice as much, with a ton of new writing.  Sure, Xbox360fanboy was a funsite, but now the x3F guys get far more exporsure, which is good for everyone involved.  Yes, listening to podcasts and reading gaming blogs is an addiction.  But so is doing Coke.  And I don’t hear you saying anything about that.


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  1. Yeah, Kate. Sorry about the commenters. It’s a battle we’ve been fighting for a long time. I think Chris Furniss from ‘The Weekly Geek’ said it best: As good as Joystiq is, we’ve got some of the worst commenters on the internet.

    Please continue to enjoy the site. We’re actually quite happy to have everyone under the same roof now.

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