News Rodeo for 2/4/77

They wouldnt worry about me smoking if they knew the pills I had to take just to get out the damn bed.  F this job on the real.

"They wouldn't worry about me smoking if they knew the pills I had to take just to get out the damn bed. F this job on the real."

So, Tim Daschle had to back out of his appointment because he knew the Senate wouldn’t vote him in because he can’t pay his taxes.  Thus, he has set a great example.  I’m not paying my damn taxes either.  This, of course, is a problem for President Obama.  Sorry, my brother.  The honeymoon is over. From CNN:

Daschle, the former Democratic leader in the U.S. Senate, withdrew earlier Tuesday as news that he failed to pay some taxes in the past continued to stir opposition on Capitol Hill. “I think I screwed up,” Obama said in a wide-ranging interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper. “And I take responsibility for it and we’re going to make sure we fix it so it doesn’t happen again.”

Will Obama be all right?  Of course.  My brother pumps antifreeze in those veins and his bones are made from ice. He is chilly-chilly cool!  Unlike some people we know.  I’m looking at you, Christian Bale.  First he tries to beat up his family after the Dark Knight.  Now there is audio of him yelling at his Director of Photography during the shooting of Terminator Salvation.  Is he a jerk?  Probably.  Most awesome people are. Let’s take a listen:

And, finally, the best thing I’ve ever read.


Although the procedure has been previously done to extract cancerous and nonfunctioning kidneys that threatened a patient’s health, the January 29 surgery was the first time it was done for donation purposes, the center said in a news release issued Monday. “The kidney was successfully removed and transplanted into the donor’s niece, and both patients are doing fine,” Dr. Robert Montgomery, chief of transplant surgery at Johns Hopkins, said in the release. The surgery is considered less invasive and could pave the way for an increase in organ donations, it added. “Removing the kidney through a natural opening should hasten the patient’s recovery and provide a better cosmetic result,” Montgomery said.

“A Natural Opening”.  What?  So you mean they had options? Prepare for this future headline: SURGEONS REMOVE HEALTHY KIDNEY THROUGH DONOR’S ASSHOLE.


One thought on “News Rodeo for 2/4/77

  1. i’m sad i won’t get to see those hot, red reading glasses handing out my free healthcare in the future.

    i saw the terminator:salvation trailer and was excited to see batman vs. terminators, bruce wayne in the future. no wonder he’s pissy, he’s got one action character, lucky for him it’s awesome.

    and, i have nothing to really say about the kidney escapes from vagina article, except that i remember hearing about how they wanted to start trying it a couple months ago. good to know it worked, i suppose.

    happy birthday. again.

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