Resident Evil 5 Demo Impressions

Who wants a bullet in the face?  No one?  Good, cause Im empty.

Who wants a bullet in the face? No one? Good, cause I'm empty.

I didn’t like the Resident Evil 5 Demo.  I’m sure this will go over very well with you readers.  Half of you don’t play games, half of you hate me, and the other half don’t speak English.  Yes, I know that equals 150%.  Think of it this way: I don’t like eating sushi.  I’m not a fan of sushi.  If I had a choice between sushi and a hamburger, I would and have choosen the hamburger.  Same thing with Resident Evil.  Its gross.  Here are some of my thoughts on the demo.

-The over-the-shoulder feel is classic.  Resident Evil perfected this, and games like Gears of War and Dead Space have actively stolen it.  You hold “A” to run faster, you hold the left trigger to pull up the aim and fire, you shoot with the right trigger, you pull up the menu with the “Y”, all that good stuff.  It works, and it feels tight.  There is even a “Quick-Turn” option that lets you turn around and scream and run like a little girl.  The controls are a little weird.  It feels like there is either a delay, or it could be that I’m not use to it yet.  I talked to some people about how it felt like a Playstation game, and that the Xbox controller was set up in the wrong way.  Whatever it was, it made the combat stressful and tense.  I guess that’s the point.

-Speaking of combat, be careful.  This isn’t a combat game.  This is a horror game.  I liked Dead Space because it scared you, and it stressed you out.  But you still had the tools you needed to beat the crap out of everyone.  Resident Evil 5 seems to want to make you afraid, stressed, suspensed in absolute terror.  In one scene, I was fighting a ton of dudes.  I was shooting them, and then I heard the “click-click-click” of an empty gun.  The ammo is extremely limited, making you conserve.  I would rather have more people to shoot and more ammo to shoot them with. I was tense, and I guess that was the point.  But was I having a good time?  No.

-Graphics looked good.  Sound was great.  The Co-op action is fun and it is nice to have a guy to yell at. The bad guys are bad guys.  The bosses are bosses.  This game will sell a million and some copies and I probably will either buy it or not.  Regardless, this game set-up feels dated, especially after all the new games that stole the Resident Evil 4 formula.  Just because it is the sequel to a great game, doesn’t make it a great game.  I’m curious what you guys think.  Let the hate begin….NOW!


14 thoughts on “Resident Evil 5 Demo Impressions

  1. After having played Resident Evil 4 on the Wii, I couldn’t care less for another Resident Evil that doesn’t have equivalent controls. The controls on the Wii version are exceedingly superior to the controls from the GameCube. It made it less frustrating (what, I think, you experienced) and more fun while still retaining the horror elements. I don’t want to go back.

    If Capcom has the good sense to put a crack team on porting RE5 to the Wii, I’ll get it whenever it comes out. If not, oh well.

  2. I’m with you on the RE5 demo… For some reason I thought I’d be blown away with it, but its still just RE4 with a graphical upgrade and a change in scenery.

    As you mentioned, since RE4 was released, Gears 2 and Dead Space have appeared, making the gameplay in RE feel dated. My biggest gripe with the combat is one that I’ve throughout the RE series, which is that you cant move while shooting… and I understand it was a creative decision, but still… Chris Redfield is a hardened, battle-tested operative of whatever organization he’s with, and he doesn’t know how to strafe while firing a gun? When there’s 15 zombies coming at me, I cant even back peddle? Fantastic. The game could still be just as challenging with that ability put into the game, as Dead Space proved especially… So I’m not sold on why they decided to keep that as part of the gameplay.

    The visuals didn’t really blow me away as much as the trailers either. Well… scratch that… its more that they’re inconsistent. While the main character models and the explosion effects look amazing, some of the textures in the environments look downright awful… its obvious they decided to cut corners in certain places, but this is another minor complaint anyways as it doesn’t take away from the gameplay.

    Also to the previous poster… an RE5 port to the Wii? Have you even seen any game footage?? A game with next-gen graphics could never run on a console with last-gen graphics. sigh…

  3. Haran, you act as if a game has never been ported to less powerful hardware. It was standard practice in the height of the arcade scene when arcades machines were quite a bit more powerful than a home console.

    With the potential sales on the Wii, Capcom should endeavor to de-poly and down-res the game until it runs. Especially when the GAME PLAY will be vastly superior to the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 versions.

  4. the whole arcade to home console argument isnt a good analogy, because the appeal of playing crappier versions of arcade games at home was… well… you could play them at home, and didnt have to shell out quarters nonstop. If I could only play the 360 version of RE5 in the back of some dingy pool club, or play a down-res version of RE5 on my Wii… obviously I’d choose the Wii version.

    And as far as RE4 being “vastly superior”… you state it as if its fact… but really, its just your opinion. But I’ll tell you what is fact: the Wii is a gamecube with a gimmicky controller. the end.

  5. Haran, that last sentence “But I’ll tell you what is fact: the Wii is a gamecube with a gimmicky controller. the end.” is spoken like you have never touch a Wii.

    I’ll tell you when the Wii was first announced, that is exactly how I felt about it. But after playing one for an hour or two, the world changed. The Xbox and PS3 are gimmicky graphics, the Wii controller CHANGES games play. Not just makes the graphics look better. RE4 on a gamecube was horrible to play. On the Wii it is a crack addiction.

  6. Actually, NB, I bought a Wii when it first came out… and recently sold it to a desperate family of 4 using craigslist for the same price that i bought it for. i played it a bit when it first came out, played re4, played some other shitty games for it… and then it just sat in my living room collecting dust for the last year and a half. I felt like I had been duped… but luckily some family gladly took that piece of shit off my hands. whats someones trash is another persons treasure I suppose.

  7. I enjoyed the demo but mostly because I have never played RE before. I still do not care about the story, I just liked the feeling of it being something new for me. Bring it on!

    And seriously with all the Wii, Xbox, etc. bickering… Cool it. It is is not a big deal that you ( “X” person) only have one of these systems and you are trying to defend your purchase.

    But seriously… the Wii collects dust but Nintendo is doing their job pushing units and when it comes to business that is all that matters.

  8. Sounds like the game’s not for you then. The combat has always been tense and stressing, that’s the point. Personally, I like that you can’t move while shooting, and I like the RE4 control scheme. Maybe I’m the only one in the world who thinks that, but it’s just so different from other game series out there. The controls limit you, the game in general limits you, and I like the challenge.
    However, I think at this point (at least in Capcom’s hopes of drawing in a more western audience), the option to move while shooting needs to be included. Maybe it can be an “easy” control scheme, or a special easy mode or something, since it’ll make the game a lot easier. I wouldn’t use it, but TONS of people would, and would enjoy the game more because of it. The other thing I think they should change is the melee system. You should be able to pull off those melee moves whenever you want, not just when the prompt shows up. The melee attacks are very powerful, so they definitely shouldn’t work every time. They should make you judge when to punch the sh!t out of someone, and if you judge poorly, maybe the not-zombie will catch your hand or your fist will land directly in its crazy-tentacle-mouth-thing. I like feeling limited, but I think there’s better ways they could go about it at this point. You can give the player more control but still have them feel limited, and not just by keeping the ammo count low.

    Regardless, the demo made me look forward to the game SO much more, and I was totally expecting it to disappoint. I think the daytime tension works really well. It certainly doesn’t make sense that the zombies sprint towards you and then conveniently slow to a crawl, but I think the demo was fun, I loved RE4, and I think the game will be a blast. I’m not getting my hopes up too high, I’m expecting RE4-2, which is what this is basically turning out to be.

    I have a feeling RE6 is going to be very dark and very alone. It’s probably going to be a throwback to the earlier ones while giving the player more freedom of control simultaneously.

  9. OK look they are trying to get back to the basics of a RE game. Ammo is scarce. The plot line is exciting. Puzles are everywhere((Not so sure in this installment)) They Made a hell of a win with there last game but the hardcore gammers were worried there franchise would become a shooter and not a survial horror. So they decided that they need to go back. Re games are suppose to be very tense. Your supposed to be afraid to run into enimes Either because your shoty is out of ammo and you hg only got 4 shots. Or because you made a bad desicion somewhere down the line and dont have ny space for the new wepon. Your supposed to be AFRAID of whats around the corner while trying to find pieces to over complicated puzzles. Thats the heart of a re game.

  10. Dead Space for Wii announced

    Haran, didn’t you say stuff like this was impossible?!

    With Dead Space coming out for the Wii this year, I may actually get the game. I wasn’t interested enough to play it on the other systems. If this lives up to RE4 on the Wii, it will be a great game.

    PS – I have a Wii, PS3, and Xbox 360 connected to my HDTV.

  11. heres what i said:

    “A game with next-gen graphics could never run on a console with last-gen graphics.”

    do you honestly think the visuals in the wii version of dead space will be on par with the 360 version? absolutely not. do you honestly think itll even be close the same experience? i sincerely doubt it.

    the RE4 port to the wii was ok because the ps2 is on the same level as the wii in terms of technical muscle… but developers will have to make sacrifices when porting down to the wii… leaving players with only a portion of the experience thats already present on a more powerful system.

    Even if we get to use a different kind of controller… i know we have better things to do with our time than play a shittier version of a game we’ve probably already beaten.

  12. It is interesting that Dead Space is being ported. When it comes to one of my favorite games, I don’t care what is playing it. As long as more people get to mess with it.

  13. So, I just played the RE5 demo tonight on my Xbox. It’s a good game. But, the controls are very frustrating, and my suspicion that I’d rather play it on the Wii (since I preferred Wii over GameCube for RE4) holds.

    And… playing the demo tonight made me realize why RE4 on the Wii is so good. Since you move around and then stand still and fire in Resident Evil, on the Wii it is basically like you’re playing thousands of short light gun games. To paraphrase Cliff Bleszinski, RE4 Wii is like 30 seconds of a fun light gun game repeated over and over.

    And then you have the cool adventure and horror elements in there as well.

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