Gaze Upon World War Z Concept Art.


So Awesome.

Once again, io9 has proven why they are such an oasis, a virtual river, of Sci-fi news.  The image above is the concept art for the movie World War Z, which is of course based off the incredible book.  This is the concept art depicting the Battle of Yonkers, when the military finally realizes the true power of the Zombie Rebellion.  io9 even got a damn interview with the artist! The Bastards.

Right there my eyes shot open and I knew I had to do it. So I sketched out my idea and started working. Two hours into it, I knew I was in deep waters and felt as if I couldnt finish it. Way too many characters (Sorry for the ones who expected me to draw every single marine!) and just so much chaos, it just intimidated me. Thankfully for two awesome friends, a very supporting girlfriend, a German manager and my cat’s undying company I just worked my heart off. And hopefully it shows. As for whats going on with the movie and myself? I’ve heard back recently, but I can’t disclose any information at this time as I feel it is not my place. Yet.

You hear that?  Yet.


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