Impressions: The Good Night

The Good Night is a really, really funny movie.  Its also really good.  I know that isn’t as descriptive as it should be.  Shut up.  Ok, fine.  I’ll write a great, descriptive sentence that will encompass my true feelings.  The Good Night is one of those films that shallow the desperation and anger that long-term relationships cause, while also showing why long-term relationships are vital, important and refreshing.  That better?  Man, its like you want my soul sometimes.  Huh?  What is it about?  Damn it.  Take your average male character that used to be in a band and make him work in a jingle-producing advertising factory (Gary).  Make his best friend an ass (Paul).  Make his girlfriend a naggy bitch (Dora) and then add Danny Devito.  Let Jake Paltrow direct. Stir for taste.  Norman finds solace by accident.  He has a re-occuring dream of a beautiful, kind woman.  She not only supports his creativity, but she also enjoys his stale humor, likes laying on the beach and doing absolutly nothing.  There are also strange “Love-ins” that make you sort of wonder exactly why Penelope Cruz keeps taking these super-bizarre roles.  God bless her for it, though.  Once again, Penelope Cruz saves the movie and makes it immensely interesting.  Simon Pegg is also, of course, genius.  His character is arrogant and uncompromising, making it a different take for Pegg.  But he delivers a brilliant line, while having a fight with his ex-girlfriend.  Danny Devito?  Yeah, he needs to act more.  Way more. A Walberg even guest-stars. This movie makes it easy to understand why someone would want to run from their real lives.  Thankfully, it also shows why we can’t ever really do that. Not for long, anyway.  Matt Freeman and Gwen Paltrow are the leads in this, but it never feels like it with Gwen.  She feels like a visitor, and seems a bit happy when it is all over.  But aren’t all relationships like that?  No, they aren’t.  You see that?  I just answered my own question.


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  1. sounds interesting, especially if it has anything to do with dreams. of course, if it’s about a long-term relationship and was reviewed by jarvis, it must be worth it. leave it to jarvis to throw my (or your) notions of relationships right out the window (see The Cement Garden).

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