Shouting Match: Circuit City Stores Closing. No one really all that surprised.

Yes, Circuit City closing is sad.  Those are a lot of jobs and I know how hard it is for people to find work right now. From the Huffington Post:

Circuit City became the largest retailer to fall victim to the expanding financial crisis Friday, announcing it will shut down its remaining 567 U.S. stores at the cost of 34,000 more jobs after failing to sell the business. “Very, very sad,” said Alan L. Wurtzel, son of company founder Samuel S. Wurtzel and himself a former chief executive of Circuit City. “I feel particularly badly for the people who are employed or until recently were employed.”

However, Circuit City was the worst place to buy electronics in the history of the world. I’m pretty sure that, if they tried and put forth a little effort, they might still be around.  Let me list some of my Circuit City experiences.

-Went in there looking for a turntable.  Found one. Asked if I could have another one because the one I found was on display.  The associate said, “No, we’re out.”  I asked when they would get more in.  “Tuesday, maybe next tuesday.  I don’t know.  They don’t sell very well.”  Went to Best Buy and paid ten bucks more for it.

-Went to get Gears of War 2, because Circuit City had a deal that if I bought Gears 2 there, I would get a gift card.  “Sorry, we are sold out.” I asked if they would mail it to me.  They said, “No, sorry.  We can’t do that.”  A week later, a friend said he was going to Circuit City to buy something with the gift card he got by buying Gears 2 but he just got it because they were sold out when he went to buy Gears 2 so they mailed it to him.

-Went to buy a DVD.  Stayed in line for twenty minutes.  Then the line closed so the girl could go to lunch. No one replaced her for another ten minutes.

-It took them three hours to put a CD player in my car.  Other cars they were working on: Zero.

-“Hey, does this TV have 720p and 1080i?” I asked.  “No,” The associate said. “the price is right there.  $550.”

Anyone else got some great Circuit City memories?  Post them up here.  In the mean time: Nananana.  Nananana. Hey. Hey. Hey.  Good bye.


6 thoughts on “Shouting Match: Circuit City Stores Closing. No one really all that surprised.

  1. I’ve got a boatload of them. I once paid for a twenty dollar game with singles (because I had a bunch of them), and the cashier actually said, “Are you serious?” and rolled her eyes. All my other stories pretty much start with me driving up there to get something advertised in their Sunday ad, and end with me going to Best Buy to price match with the flyer. In fact, I think the ability to price match their sale prices at BB is the only thing I’ll miss about CC. Ironically this means that CC closing will actually cause me to shop at Best Buy less.

  2. LOL…hmmm…kinda reminds me of some stores here in Canada… Can’t say what though, because…yea. lol

    Oh, and then there’s EB Games, where the people are, in general, tools. They know nothing about games and should not be working there. LOL

    I actually wish we had more retailers here…so there would be more competition so they would actually take price matching seriously. Now it’s just a clause that very rarely applies to any situation.

  3. Circuit City closing will leave a competition gap. I’m actually pretty worried about what Best Buy can get away with now.

  4. I once bought a TV there and I brought back four broken TV’s before I got one that only kind of worked. YAY.

    And I also went there yesterday to see if I could find anything good on sale. I couldn’t… great.

    The guide for Fallout 3 was not even on sale.

  5. My favorite two things about CC. The extremely helpful staff(Might be some sarcasm in there). And the CD section.

    About 5 years ago, CC was my favorite place to find out of print cd’s. Sad thing is, circuit city didn’t set it up this way on purpose.

    There was absolutely no order at all. You could find outkast’s first album in the a section, etc, etc. It was like crate digging but for CD heads. It was a mess, which leads back to the staff, to lazy to even put CD’s in alphabetical order.

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