Flight 1549: War of the GEESE!

It Begins...

It Begins...

Thank God that everyone lived.  An Airbus landing in the Hudson River?  Amazing!  During all this bad news and all the horrible stuff going on, its a relief that we can have faith in our pilots, and that people train to protect us from some dangerous situations.  From CNN:

The crash-landing has also earned the former fighter pilot and private safety consultant accolades from state and government officials.

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg commended the pilot for not leaving the plane without checking to make sure every passenger had been evacuated. “It would appear that the pilot did a masterful job of landing the plane in the river and then making sure that everybody got out,” Bloomberg said at a press conference Thursday. “I had a long conversation with the pilot. He walked the plane twice after everybody else was off and tried to verify that there was nobody else on board — and assures us there was not.”

BUT WHAT ABOUT THE GEESEBird Strikes? Really? They are going to double their efforts now.  Do you think that was an accident?  A bunch of geese flying up out of no where?  I thought we killed all the geese off?  No, this is just the beginning.  The War on Terror is serious work.  The War on the Geese is just beginnning. Oh yes.  Watch your back.


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