Ricardo “Khan” Montalban Dies.

I will Avenge you!

"I will Avenge you!"

We have job loses, insane wars overseas, major climate issues, and Ricardo Montalban died.  Who is Ricardo Montalban?  He was Khan from Star Trek II!  I mean, seriously?  How could you not know that?

Ricardo Gonzalo Pedro Montalban y Merino (25 November 192014 January 2009; age 88), better known simply as Ricardo Montalban, was an Emmy Award-winning, Tony Award-nominated Mexican actor who enjoyed a long career in television and film. He is best known to Star Trek fans for his role as the genetically-engineered Khan Noonien Singh, a role he originated in the original seriesSpace Seed“. He would reprise the role 15 years later in the film episode “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.

Montalban played Khan perfectly.  He was sympathic, but brutal.  You could feel the hate he had for Kirk, but you never thought it was unjustified.  He was the type of villian all men want to have: one that will stab you in the chest, but will let you get back up if he knocks you down.  I…I have to go.  I might start crying.  Peep some of my favorite clips after the break. 


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