Government Redefines Death: Sort of Debatable…

They dont look awake enough, Bob.  Lets get their livers first...

"They don't look awake enough, Bob. Let's get their livers first..."

The President’s Council of Bioethics has redefined death. You go to bed, thinking everything is normal.  You wake up and someone completely changes your perceptions of the world.  Hey, welcome to the 21st century.  But, how did they redefine the pretty-simple definable? The Wire’s Brandon Keim tries to explain to us that it is all about engagement

Engagement, explains the Council, takes three forms: openness to the world, an ability to act on the world, and the need to do so. These abstract requirements can be met by something as basic as breathing — but they are not met by physiological activities that continue in people who have lost all neurological function.


“People are getting nervous that we’re pushing the standard of death in order to get organs. The public is afraid that surgeons in search of organs for transplant will bend the definition of death to get them,” said Caplan. “This report keeps that bright line in place.”

Ow, my head. If you look alive, you’re alive?  But if you are really close to dead, or if some doctors in a room pretty much think you aren’t “engaging” properly, they can pull the plug?  Cause they don’t want your organs damaged?  Did you know you can sell a kidney on the black market for a cool Benjamin?  I miss the good old days, when you died with all the stuff you came with.