From the Ashes of 1up: Rebel FM

After the insane events of UGO buying 1up, a lot of people have been wondering what is next. site is picking up the slack, posting the new podcast Rebel FM.  It has the cats from 1up FM on it, plus Chufmoney and Aegis talking about what happens next, along with what they’ve been playing. No new gaming news really, but it is a great way to hear about their thoughts and feelings of the huge layoff.  The layoff wasn’t that huge, but 1up has always been the home-center of gaming news.  It will be extremely interesting to see what these guys do next.  Here are a few twitters you can follow to stay in the loop, plus a link to the podcast.

Aegies’ twitter

Chufmoney twitter

Nick Suttner

Ryan O’Donnell

Rebel FM’s First Episode (Direct Feed)