UGO Entertainment acquires 1UP: Podcasts, EGM, tons of staff all gone.

Pour one on the ground for the homies that are down.

Pour one on the ground for the homie's that are down.

Yesterday, 1up was bought out by UGO Entertainment.  What does that mean?  From what I gather, the 1up Show is gone, the relevant podcasts are gone, and so are some of our favorite people from the 1up Network. Here is the press piece that 1up has produced for us.

“Since we started UGO 11 years ago, we have served the gamer community and built a world-class online publishing platform,” said J Moses, CEO of UGO Entertainment. “The acquisition of 1UP, with its authentic voice, tenured editorial personalities and bustling user community, allows us to expand our base of quality content and represents a major step forward in UGO’s mission to become the leader in the games space. We are extremely excited to join the UGO team,” said Sam Kennedy, editorial director and creator of 1UP. Relying on UGO’s publishing platform will allow us to focus on what we do best — creating great content and ‘owning the conversation’ among gamers through our unique, authentic and definitive voice and community.”

So, there is that.  This is a sad day for gamers.  EGM has always been a source of energy and passion about gaming.  The world is less because of the loss. There is a list, after the break, thanks to the guys at

Adrian Frieg
Amy Mishra
Amy Moran
Andrea Garcia
Andrew Fitch
Andrew “Skip” Pfister
Anthony Gallegos
Cesar Quintero
Christina Rosa
CoyLou Steel
Derek Chinn
Doug Parsons
Eric Ellis
Giancarlo Varanini
Greg Ford
James “Milkman” Mielke
Jason Bertrand
Jason Wilson
Jervilyn Jaramillo
Justin Frechette
Leslie Gelfand
Marci Yamaguchi
Matt Chandronait
May Tong
Meredith Stowe
Michael Donahoe
Monique Convertito
Ndubuisi Madu
Nick Suttner
Norris Boothe
Philip Kollar
Rey Serrano
Robert Bowen
Rosemary Pinkham
Ryan O’Donnell
Ryan Scott
Shane Bettenhausen
Simon Cox
Tammy Ross
Tipler Ubbelohde


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