Russia cuts gas to part of Europe. Uh oh.

You want to know how you can tell things are going really bad?  When countries start fighting over resources.  Russia has started to cut the tap on the gas valve for some countries.  These countries being most of Europe.  Yeah.  Isn’t this how wars start?  From CNN.

The countries facing the most serious problems are those that import a majority of their gas from Russia. Lithuania depends on Russia for 85 percent of its gas; Slovakia for 100 percent, and Bulgaria for 90 percent, according to figures compiled in 2006 by the European Council on Foreign Relations. “We have enough reserves for the time being, but under the conditions of limited consumption,” Bulgarian Prime Minister Sergei Stanishev told CNN. Bulgaria is relying on alternative sources for its heating plants in the meantime, Stanishev said.

You think you have it bad?  There are people in Bulgaria that are probably wearing five or six sweaters right now and burning their pencils in woodstoves.  Just a bit of perspective for you this moning.