Israel-Hamas Conflict

The conflict in the Middle East is actually being called a war now.  Man, didn’t that just start a few days ago?  Happy New Years.  Hopefully we’ll make it to 2010.  One of my favorite foreign policy dudes, Zbigniew Brzezinski, discussed the problem with Nathan Gardels of the Huffington Post.  Its nice to hear that there is an actual solution to the problem, if someone had the skill and intentions to impliment it.

By now it should be quite evident that the two parties to the conflict will never reach an agreement on their own. The Palestinians are divided, which complicates their ability to negotiate effectively. The Israelis are reluctant to move forward with a compromise deal because some feel comfortable with the status quo while others are quietly using the stalemate to expand settlements in the West Bank. The only way, therefore, to move forward is for the international community, led by the United States, to put on the table the framework of an eventual agreement.

Peep the rest of the article here, and cross your fingers that people start acting like they have some common sense.