The Jarvis Slacks Podcast Number 12: Winter Wonderland Edition

When they sleep.  Im going to eat thier faces.  All of them.  Seriously.

When they sleep. I'm going to eat thier faces. All of them. Seriously.

No.  This podcast has nothing to do with Christmas.  At all.  This might be the only podcast you’ll listen to this week that has absolutely, positively nothing to do with the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ.  Our Christmas present to you.  This week on the Jarvis Slacks Podcast, we have a guest talking-person. His name is Tyler Childs.  His Gamertag is ExtremeTaco.  He doesn’t drink.  He doesn’t smoke.  He doesn’t swear and he voted for John McCain.  And yet, we decided to have him as a Kenneth Price fill in.  We talk about Left 4 Dead awesomeness, Gears of War 2 exploits, and what makes a game a GOTY.  And I gave him a little advice about what to go to school for and what NOT to go to school for.  Listen.  Learn.  And, of course, enjoy.

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