News Rodeo for Thursday, December 18th.

We feel your pain, Mika

We feel your pain, Mika

There is a lot of news this morning, or this afternoon, or whatever time it is.  Let’s just go down the list.  Mika Brzezinkski, that hot news-chick from MSNBC’s Morning Joe got mugged this morning outside her Hotel in Washington DC.  This hits home for me for a few reasons.  One, I live in DC, so it is a rough reminder that I might, maybe, get mugged one day.  Of course, Morning Joe’s “Joe” went on a chaotic rampage.  I wonder if he’d get mad if I told him I was mugged a few years ago?  And what about all the people all over America getting mugged?  Maybe this is the straw that broke the bullshit’s back.  Everything hurts worse when its a friend.

Other stuff.  The internet is on fucking fire this morning over the revelation that President-Elect Obama has asked that Pastor Rick Warren give the invocation to in inauguration ceremony.  For those who don’t know Mr. Rick Warren, he’s a jerk who doesn’t think that gays should have the right to get married, or that woman should have control of their bodies.  I’m sure he also thinks the planet is only 6,000 years old and that the environment is just being “testy”.  He’s a Youtube pick of people on CNN yelling and screaming at each other.  Let’s watch.

We at “Your Life Began Already” are in full support of Gay rights.  All Gay rights.  Everywhere.  We are also in full support of the Obama administration.  Obama is right when he says that we need to “come together”.  But coming together isn’t easy.  Most time, you have to drag people together, kicking and screaming.  Sorry Left, but Obama wasn’t just whistling Dixie.  He was serious when he said he wanted an inclusive government.  When you do that, you have to include douche-socks.  Just breath.  It will be OK.

Finally, we have some picks from the upcoming GI JOE Movie, courtesy of io9.  Yep, no one cares.  You know why no one cares?  Because the retro-reboot train has sailed.  Yes, Transformers was pretty cool. And, yes, Snake Eyes looks badass. But, I mean, really?  GI JOE?  Some things deserve to stay buried, left to be remembered when life was good.  And, I’m sorry.  A Wayan’s brother as RipCord?  Let the bombs fall.  Its the end of all things.