More Chaos from our friends in Mexico…

Im I the only one that things this is bad?  Seriously?

I'm I the only one that things this is bad? Seriously?

So, if you haven’t heard, let me fill you in.  Mexico is probably one of the most dangerous places on the planet right now.  Drug War?  Hello?  I don’t have the proper stats handy, but more people are being killed down South every day than in Iraq.  Huh?  No, of course we don’t care.  There isn’t any oil in Mexico.  Duh.  You wanna hear something funny?  I’ll let the Huffington Post lead in:

U.S. security consultant Felix Batista _ who claims to have helped resolve nearly 100 kidnap and ransom cases _ was in Saltillo in Coahuila state to offer advice on how to confront abductions for ransom when he himself was seized, local authorities said.Unknown assailants grabbed him on Dec. 10, said Charlie LeBlanc, the president of the Houston, Texas-based security firm ASI Global LLC., where Batista is a consultant

The guy that was suppose to help with their kidnapping problem got kidnapped.  That is like a weight-loss expert getting fat, a Republican losing his job, and a vegan killing a cockroach.  Don’t believe its that bad?  Check out this link from the State Department.  Our State Department. People say, hey man, its always been this crazy.  Really?  When, exactly?  Yeah, you can get back to me.  Take your time.

[Thanks, Huffington Post]