Young Men disappearing to Somalia? Dark Lord Sauron blamed, Gathering forces for Final Battle

Shit! It all makes sense now!

Uh.  So, like, young US citizens of Somalia descent are heading to Somalia.  They are gathering all their forces, you see.  It is hard for me to make a joke about all this, because it isn’t funny.  Kids from America are going to Somalia?  Like, that means that someone has the organizational skills and the where-with-all to contact these kids and pay for their passage.  I know, I know.  Most people think that Africa is on another planet, and that what happens there can’t affect us here.  Wow, really?  Do you know any black people?  Guess where we came from, ass.  The authorities should be taking this seriously.  But, they probably aren’t.  That’s what we are here for.  From CNN:

Hassan is one of more than a dozen young men of Somali descent — many U.S. citizens — to have disappeared from Minneapolis over the past six months, according to federal law enforcement authorities. Authorities say young men have also disappeared in Boston, Massachusetts; Portland, Maine; and Columbus, Ohio. “A number of young Somali men have traveled from throughout the United States to include Minneapolis to Somalia, potentially to fight,” said FBI Special Agent E.K. Wilson.

We, of course, suspect the Dark Lord Sauron.  This sounds just like him, calling all evil to his cause.  Frodo, if you don’t mind, can you hurry up with tossing that ring into the volcano-thingy?  K? thanks.