The Jarvis Slacks Podcast Number 11: My Name’s Kenneth Edition

You miss with the bull, you get the horns! That didnt impress you at all, did it?

You mess with the bull, you get the horns! That didn't impress you, did it?

His name is Kenneth.  He does the podcast with me.  He also loves the ladies.  And, hey guys, guess what?  The ladies love him too.  This week on the Jarvis Slacks Podcast, we talk, at length, about Prince of Persia and the awesome end of dying in video games.  We also complain about DLC (Downloadable Content) and how ladies love pay-to-play body armor in Deap Space.  Oh, and we talk about how my first semester of teaching has been going.  I’m not dead, so apparently it’s gone pretty well. Double oh, we ask the readers to do us a special favor this week.  How special?  Really special.  Listen and enjoy.

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