Fighter Jet Crashes into Houses in San Diego. I’m Serious.

Not the actually picture of what happened today.  Insert people running and screaming with homes on fire.

Uh, does it look like we are all in a a weird action movie?  Banks failingNewspaper’s going bankrupt. ProtestsA Black President.  I mean, I’m doing push ups at night, just so when the Zombie Rebellion starts, I’ll be ready to kick some ass.  Oh, and fighter jets are crashing into houses.  Yeah.

Authorities cordoned off the area. Residents told reporters they had been informed by police that chemicals were in the air and they should stay away. One resident interviewed by CNN affiliate KFMB said he saw a fighter jet at a very low altitude, and “it just spiraled, right out of ‘Top Gun.’  “The movie “Top Gun” was based on the Navy fighter pilot training program at the Miramar facility. The resident said he saw a flier from the aircraft on the ground after parachuting from the plane. He said the pilot was dazed but able to move on his own. Bank worker Scott Bloom told KGTV he was on his way to visit clients when he saw someone eject from the plane. He said the plane was silent in the moments before it went down.”I thought I was dreaming,” Bloom told KGTV. “It was so surreal.”

I’m serious.  I do, like, four push-ups.  I’m gonna be buff when this starts going down.  Keep your head low, and follow me.