Gaming’s Second-Hand Sales

I didnt ASK you to pre-order.  I TOLD you to pre-order.

"I didn't ASK you to pre-order. I TOLD you to pre-order."

Let’s face it.  If you aren’t broke yet, you are about to be.  These are the times where you should be saving every little dime.  Even the purchase of a simple video game should cause for pause.  Hey, that rhymed! A great editorial at the Games Industry site delves into the good and bad of Second-hand game purchasing. Are shops like EB Games in the right?  Would the industry be better or worse without them?  And what about game pirates?  Can you blame a guy for stealing a game when these games cost almost as much as a car payment?  Granted, it is a cheap car.  I’m just saying. From writer Rob Fahey:

Retailers – the parasites at the end of the value chain – make huge profits from second-hand sales. Developers – the creative minds at the start of the chain – suffer major financial setbacks as a consequence. Looming over it all is the spectre of digital distribution, which publishers wave like an admonishing finger, muttering darkly about how the end of High Street sales – and our new, second-hand bereft future – is coming sooner than anyone expects. As so often happens when the industry decides to gaze upon the navel that is its own value chain, there’s something missing from this picture – consumers.

The editorial goes on to paint the “digital distribution future” as the savior of the games industry.  Are we ready to just download our games?  Are we witnessing the end of physical media?  There is something really cool about buying a new game and ripping off the wrapping.  Change. That is a hard beast to fight against.