End of the World: Are you Shopping This ‘Black Friday’?

What are we waiting for? Lets get deeper into debt! Come on!

"What are we waiting for? Let's get deeper into debt! Come on!"

Unless you’ve been living under the biggest rock in the world, then you might know that the economy is in the crapper.  The toilet.  Like, all up in the toilet.  And we ain’t flushing it.  That thing is clogged up, junked up.  We keep hitting it with a plunger and that crap is not going down.  Can I end this metaphor?  President-Elect Obama spoke about this today.  I love the guy, and I can’t wait until he gets into office.  But, on the real?  On the real-real?  This mess has gotten me worried.  What makes me even more worried?  Black Friday.  This is the day after Thanksgiving, where people all over America usually goes out and buys everything that isn’t tied down.  I say “usually” because everyone is either broke, scared of being broke, or know that they should be scared of being broke and don’t want to be broke.  Black Friday is important, because it moves money around.  All sorts of money to all the places that need it.  There are two ways we can go with this.

1. People are going to shop this Friday:  People might have been saving their money up, waiting for the perfect time to strike.  These people know that all the retail stores will be begging for our dollars, and will be tossing down some sick-ass deals.  These people will buy whole shopping carts without even looking at what is in it.  You know what is in those shopping carts?  Joe vs. the Volcano DVDS.  Love that movie.

2. No one is going to shop this Friday:  People are broke, and sort of think that buying food and keeping the heat on is more important than buying crap for lil Billy.  If people don’t spend money this Friday, there will be a serious problem.  Money has to move around.  If it doesn’t, people lose jobs.  Alot of jobs, like what is happening now.  However, we can’t be blamed for saving money, when our jobs aren’t paying us anything because they know we have no place to go.

I’m not sure exactly what is going to happen this Friday.  But I’ve been stocking on on beans, lovely beans, just in case.  Let’s open this up for discussion.  Are you shopping this Black Friday?


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