Five Ways to Fix The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Even though it is Pretty Awesome Already

Ive dated stranger women...

I've dated stranger women...

You probably don’t watch the show.  We won’t judge you.  A lot of people don’t.  But, on the real-real, this show is pretty bad ass.  I’ll give you the break down.  The show takes place after the events of Terminator 2.  Sarah Connor is on the run with her son, and they have his uncle from the future and a Terminator chick to help them.  Also, there are Terminators running around trying to kill them.  So, what could make the show a little more accessable?

1. Less Terminator, more explanations: The show spent a little too much time with the robots at the beginning of the second season.  Don’t get me wrong.  There is nothing better than a robot fight.  The show is becoming more mature now, however.  There are plot twists and movements in the series that go beyond “Robot-punches-robot” scenes.  Terminator Cameron is acting really funny lately, and there are strong hints that she might not be as good or as friendly as we would believe.  Hopefully, new viewers will be watching this show, and a little explanation would help things.

2. Less Moody John, More Badass John: John Connor is sort of a cry baby.  He is a kid, but still.  When the chips are down, you have to bend down and grab them chips.  The episodes where John Connor isn’t trying to have sex with some chick and is actually filling into his role seem more real and interesting.  He’s been dealing with these things for a while now.  He should be use to it.  I wouldn’t mind seeing him do some training, too.  Learning how to fire weapons are building computers or whatever.  It would put his situation in context.

3. Less Time Traveling, More Stopping that whole Skynet thing: The first season started with the crew going 8 years in the future, from 1999 to 2007, to find a way to stop Skynet.  Hey, I know.  But I didn’t write this plot.  There hasn’t really been much of that.  The second season has been focusing on trying to stop the Terminators, and with resistance fighters from the future coming here to give the Connor crew clues.  Too much time-traveling makes the story muddled and confusing.  No one has explained how this time traveling mess works, who invented the machine, or if the machine is being built in the present.  Its all convoluted and dull at this point, and there needs to be a refocusing on the main task at hand: Stopping Judgment Day.

4. Less Regular Terminators, More Liquid-Garbage Terminator: No brainer.  I want to see more of that 1001 Terminator stuff.  It is just too bad ass.  The Garbage-Terminator is smart and motivated, but we don’t know exactly what she wants.  We assume she wants to create Skynet and blow up the world, but we aren’t sure.  No one truly knows what her motives are, and the suspense is driving us crazy.

5. Less Everything, more Leana Heady: This show would not work without her.  She is an amazing actress who pulls off every line of dialogue, every scene, every little face tick, like the character was made for her.  It is hard to think of anyone else playing the role now.  She has made it her own, and the more scenes she is in and the more the shows revolve around her, the better the entire series will be.


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  1. This show sucks. It wants desperately to cash in on all the teen television programming but it also wants to bring in the 30 to 40 something males who like sci-fi by adding a hot female robot as the lead. You know what? I don’t need programming that’s made for a fucking 3rd grader or even some simple minded kill-bot from the near future. Give me story. Give me character. And for god sakes give me some decent acting. I’m sick to death of these untrained attractive camera whores.

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